Joe Desecki

* Certified Personal Trainer * CPR/NPTI Certified * Over 15 Years Experience


Hello, my name is Joe Desecki. I am the owner of Euphoria Fitness. I have been in the fitness industry for almost 18 years. It is my number one priority to help you change your life like I have helped so many others change theirs. I can help you get to whatever your goal is, whether it is to achieve weight loss, gain muscle, gaining strength, boosting energy level, increase your overall fitness training, or just simply to feel better about yourself. I will help you achieve your goals and we will have fun while doing it. I have a impeccable education, motivation and inspiration that you need during your workouts to get where you want to be. Regardless of your age, sex, or how out of shape your are. I can help your achieve your goals. I have created the perfect training studio with the perfect design where I can create high-energy, creative workouts that will lead you into the intense state of euphoria after every session. Come check me out at Euphoria Fitness. You will not be disappointed!

Josh Meyers

* Certifications: Precision Nutrition Certified; Strength and Conditioning Certification

Qualifications: Honors Kinesiology Degree

Highlights: WBFF Muscle Model Competitor, NPC Mens Physique Competitor, U.S. Marine, MMA and Competitive Kickboxer and TaeKwonDo practitioner. Author of The Ultimate Fitness Workbook.

Since the youthful age of fourteen, I have lived and loved fitness. My passion for fitness is insatiable, so much that I live, dream and eat fitness everyday of my life. I wanted to share my love with others who have the aspiration to become a better stronger version of themselves.

I have experience working with a wide variety of populations through many different fitness domains including weight loss, strength and conditioning, injury prevention, wellness coaching, and endurance training. My direct experience with fitness training has established me as a reputable top-tier trainer for nearly a decade. My experience as a NPC Men’s Physique Competitor, fitness model, a former US Marine, and competitive tournament kick boxer provide me with authentic experience and expertise in helpful you, my client, succeed with your personal fitness goals. I easily adapt to help any person maximize his or her potential, regardless of age, gender, or level of physicality. I promise to do everything in my power to help you become your best you.