Peyton Bohnsack

We moved back to Texas 3 years ago from Chicago and I was lucky enough to find Joe Desecki. I did a very exhaustive search for trainers and various gym options. Given my experience in Chicago, Joe seemed like a great fit and I assumed he would offer the same type of workout that I enjoyed.

I was wrong, Joe was much better than I had experienced in Chicago. He is truly a professional and brings a passion to his job. Joe is invested in each of his clients and the results are obvious. He is able to vary the workout routines, but gear them toward my goals.

I work out with Joe 2-3 times per week and have been extremely pleased with the progress. Joe is not a typical trainer in that he focuses on one-on-one training and small group sessions at his gym, Euphoria Fitness. The space is clean, well maintained and is extremely well equipped. Joe’s personality and professionalism set him apart. He is high spirited, engaging and very knowledgable. I have recommended him to many of my friends and will continue to promote him to anyone willing to listen. You don’t have to believe me, go try Euphoria Fitness for yourself!