The best of the Plano Gyms

How to chose a PlanPlano s best personal trainingo Gym

The growth of Plano has resulted in an increase of Plano Gyms. With so many options it is important to make the right choice that works for you. The following tips will help you decide which personal trainer Plano is right for you.



  1. Location is critical-A gym that is close to your regular commuting route or residence is a great starting place. A location that is easily accessible from a major roadway is a great Plano gym. Our location map below shows just how accessible our facility is from all over the metroplex.
  2. Availability and safety of parking- Along with the physical location being accessible it is important to choose a gym that has plenty of parking and the parking is also safe.  There have been many instances of break-ins and burglaries taking place in gym parking lots because the gym is in a shady part of town.
  3. Are the trainers certified and Experienced? Anybody can throw on a T-shirt and call them self a trainer but only  experience and training can truly prepare a trainer to give you the experience you need and deserve. Our owner, Joe Desecki, is a Certified PerBest Plano gymssonal Trainer with Over 15 Years of Experience in body building and personal training. Joe is the real deal when it comes to Plano gym owners.
    Our trainers are friendly and always willing to lend a hand or just listen to your concerns to ensure you get the most  out of your gym experience.
  4. Quality of the gym-While there are some Plano gyms that tout themselves as hardcore no frills gyms, there is something to be said for a clean and up to date facility. If a gym is dirty and the equipment is falling apart then chances are it is not a good choice. All our equipment is new and updated and we provide an impeccably clean facility for our patrons.
  5. Hours of Operation-While there are some places that are open for 18 hours a day most gyms have restricted hours of operation. It is important that the gym of your choice be open during the hours that you will be looking to workout.  A good
    gym will have flexible hours where a trainer may come in early or stay late to accommodate a patron who needs to workout at a special time outside normal hours.                                                                                                                                                                           The big box office type gyms may find it difficult to accommodate suck a request but one of the reasons that sets us apart and positions us among the top Plano gyms is that we can work with our clients to accommodate their busy schedules.
  6.  The price of the Gym– Last, but by no means least, is the price of the gym. Most of us have limited budgets and so it is important that the gym of your choice be affordable. You obviously do not want to spend an arm and a leg but be weary of the dirt cheap gyms as there may be hidden costs or some missing features.
    Our Plano gym speaks for itself.Euphoria Fitness is a great social location where you can connect and relate to other patrons who have similar objectives as you.