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If you are looking for a Personal trainer Plano our coaches are NPTI certified and have extensive experience in fitness, nutrition and overall well being.
Your Personal trainer will direct you through the development of attainment your fitness goals and deliver a customized diet consultation to get you the best results.
We offer an experience that is at the top of the offerings of Plano gyms.
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How to Get the Most from Your Plano personal trainer.

Come to your personal training session prepared. Have a specific fitness goal or set of goals in mind such as how much weight you would like to lose.
Be careful not to have unrealistic expectations as your personal trainer may have to give you a reality check.
Feel free to ask your trainer information that is important to you. You will find that our Plano personal trainer program will make you feel comfortable and you will get all your concerns addressed to your satisfaction.
Personal Trainer Plano Prices
When considering whether or not to get a personal trainer pricing is obviously one of the factors to consider. The range of prices for a personal trainer in Plano varies but you can typically expect to be in the range of $50 – $150 per hour.
The age old adage that you get what you pay for rings true in this case. A quality Plano personal trainer will definitely not be a cheap offering however our prices are designed to be competitive while giving you the best value in Plano gyms.
The reason our Plano personal training is different from other Plano gyms I that the owner of Euphoria is one of the trainers and so you are guaranteed to get quality personal training because he knows what is expected of a trainer.
We also offer small group workouts for Plano businesses and organizations. This is a great way for your team to build camaraderie while helping them stay fit and healthy.
Find out why we are one of the best gyms in Plano TX. Visit or call us today and schedule your free
Personal training session.