When I first came to training, I wasn’t in the best of shape. I drank and ate processed foods all the time. Joe showed me a few different things that completely changed my outlook on what I put in my body. After he became my trainer and I am the healthiest I have ever been. I know the picture on the left doesn’t seem like a big difference to most, but I didn’t have too much weight to lose and it’s changed my life forever. I am in the military and am the strongest and in the best shape I have ever been.

Anyone in the military knows how good it feels to get that maximum score on your pt test 🙂 Joe showed me a workout and diet that worked perfectly for me. I never did well with diets before. The way I viewed diets before was starving myself. Now, I eat more during the day than I ever have and I am losing weight! I’ve worked with trainers before and no one has ever shown more care for their clients than Joe does.

He truly loves what he does and it shows. He thrives on making people’s lives better and healthier. Every single client I have met of Joe’s has stuck with him since the day they first met him. He makes the workout fun and you’re not counting the minutes until it is over because you are enjoying yourself. I thank Joe for my life being changed forever and giving me more energy than ever to get through the day.